Advania further advances the position within the public sector – new big contract

Advania Sweden's CEO, Tomas Wanselius signed the agreement today, with the Municipality of Jönköping. Advania has the mission to help the municipality to achieve its goals of cost-efficiant solutions, functionality, high reliability and a pronounced environmental awareness.

"This is another feather in the cap for Advania and in line with our strategic investment in the public sector. The agreement is comprehensive and encompasses several areas which suites us very well, because our strength lies in our total offering. Our goal is to be a complete partner of Jönköping Municipality and deliver products and services of the highest quality, throughout the value chain. We approach the task with confidence, based on our long-term experience and expertise in both; hardware, licenses, services and education. We are looking forward to this partnership, says Tomas Wanselius, CEO Advania Sweden.

The agreement runs for four years and includes the entire municipality and municipal companies, including preschools and schools, as well as the elderly. By agreement, Advania will deliver IT products and services at an estimated value of MSEK 130 for the entire contract period.

Jönköping Municipality conducts extensive development and digitization efforts in several areas. Including pre-school and school, as well as care, but also within administration and the technical activities. We look forward to collaborating with Advania within the various activities of the municipality, supporting our digital development with high-quality IT products, peripherals and services, throughout the value-chain. Our assessment is that Advania is a competent partner and supplier, appropriate to ensure that we achieve our development objectives,” says Sylve Gunnarsson, Procurement Manager, Jönköping Municipality.