Advania is expanding within the field of education – new deal

Advania Skolpartner, part of Advania Sweden AB, signs a new agreement with Kunskapsskolan. Advania shall provide IT-operations, management and support for all the primary and lower secondary schools, upper secondary schools and adult education at Kunskapsskolan. A strategically important partnership for Advania, which lands a further important agreement in the field of education and this time with focus on managerial services.

"We are in an extremely rapid development, where more and more teaching, administration and documentation are done digitally. It places very high demands on IT systems, support and service. We are looking forward to continuing the digital journey with Advania as a flexible IT supplier with a broad expertise that fits our needs perfectly, says Fredrik Lindgren”, CEO Kunskapsskolan.

The agreement runs for five years and includes IT operations, where Advania offers a central platform as a service which includes servers, storage and application platforms as well as Service Desk.

"We have had the privilege of collaborating with Kunskapsskolan through Caperio Skolpartner earlier. A partnership that has been fruitful for both parties. We are proud that we now gained a renewed and increased confidence from Kunskapsskolan, to deliver high quality IT products and services that contribute to the development of digital learning. This is fully in line with our strategy to develop our customers and offer a complete comprehensive solution for increased business benefit and customer satisfaction," says Tomas Wanselius, CEO of Advania Sweden.

In addition to the requirements stated, Kunskapsskolan also investigated the soft values and how well the parties meet the requirements for a sustainable development.

"We have carefully considered the fifteen bids received and we see Advania as a complete supplier and partner of qualified IT equipment, services and storage. We want everything under the same roof and in conjunction with Advania's acquisition of Caperio, we now have a partner that can deliver both workplace, including procurement of hardware and operating systems.

Advania's geographical coverage with offices on many locations in Sweden, can provide us with local support, with technicians in place at the schools where and when reinforcement is needed.

An important aspect that we value is Advania's school profiling. Advania has a clear focus on the education sector, which also extends to the business side and offers hands on support for our teachers. The fact that Advania has own-employed personnel with a background of working with education, such as teachers, principals and so forth, is of great advantage. Advania also has an in-depth collaboration with “Google for Education”, which benefits our entire business and the continued digital development," says Annelie Fredsberg, CIO Kunskapsskolan.

About Advania Skolpartner
Advania Skolpartner has a solid experience in providing digital equipment to schools across the country. Advania's school partner cooperates with school management and offers in addition to hardware and software - education, and anti-bullying tools. More than half of Advania Skolpartner’s employees have a background in the school system, such as teachers, principals. It gives a good understanding of everyday work in the Swedish schools.

About the Kunskapsskolan
Kunskapsskolan runs elementary schools, colleges and adult education under the names of Kunskapsskolan and SkillEd. The most important feature is their educational model, with a personally designed education that provides knowledge and abilities for the future. The first schools started in 2000. Today, more than 13,000 students attend the 29 primary schools and 7 upper secondary schools. Business and Adult Education started in 2016. Kunskapsskolan in Sweden, is part of an international network of schools around the world with around 5,000 students.

For more information, please contact:
Tomas Wanselius, CEO Advania Sweden AB
Phone: +46 70 454 35 24

Fredrik Örnhall, Sales Manager Advania Sweden Sourcing
Phone: +46 8 546 701 46

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