Secure and efficient Contact Center in the Cloud

As a financial institution, the debt recovery company Intrum Justitia is subject to strict data management, security and confidentiality requirements. The company was equally determined to purchase the market's most modern Contact Center platform. They decided to choose PureCloud® provided by Advania Norway.  

Intrum Justitia now serves thousands of customers with a future oriented Contact Center where precise and quick routing of all inquiries run through a web interface integrated with relevant business solutions. 

We have no more lags or downtime, efficiency has risen, and we experience shorter response time,” says Lene Strengelsrud, Head of Communications Center, the department responsible for handling all communication channels at Intrum Justitia. 

With 130 employees, Intrum Justitia is one of Norway's largest debt recovery companies, ensuring the entire reminder process for five thousand Norwegian customers. Every year, the company sends millions of invoices and hundreds of thousands of collection requirements to Norwegians. Intrum Justitia is part of the Lowell Group, a European leader in credit management services, specializing in debt recovery, data analytics and pioneering customer insight.

According to Product Manager Carl-Petter Udvang, Intrum Justitia has for some time worked proactively on new technology. Several solutions have become cloud-based and the company’s focus is ease of use and automation. For a long time, there had been a desire to replace the contact center platform. “Our former platform did not fulfill our requirements, for both operations and upgrades.”

Intrum Justitia came across PureCloud® by Genesys and connected with Advania.   

PureCloud was technologically superior compared with the other solutions we considered. There were no limitations; it covered our existing and future needs.”   

Rapid implementation – improved interaction 
Carl-Petter Udvang says the process from mapping up the needs for solution and hardware to final implementation took no more than five weeks. The dialogue with Advania worked particularly well.  

According to Lene Strengelsrud, the new contact center represents a completely different world. “The user interface is so easy, and all employees quickly discovered the opportunities and wanted to expand the use of the system.”  

Udvang says PureCloud not only replaces the old Contact Center, it also provides a complete platform for interaction and an encyclopedia. The Product Manager expect to replace several internal systems with PureCloud as they now route all communication through this solution. A plug-in connects PureCloud to Active Directory and facilities interaction with Skype for business and other Microsoft products. This provides better collaboration both internally and in contact with customers.  

Timesaving and better 
A better customer experience was of crucial importance when Intrum Justitia was to choose a new contact center platform. With the cloud-based solution provided by Advania, any agent at the service desk at Intrum Justitia will have all information about the income caller ready even before answering. Invisible precise routing ensures that the right person answers any inquiry. “We save an incredible amount of time on inquiries and can concentrate on special development for customers instead,” says Udvang. The Product Manager underscores the importance of keeping up with the development of both technology and customers' changed habits. “The requirements for the communication channels are continuously increasing and we need solutions for predicting when and how to contact people.”  

Hosted by Amazon 
Choosing a cloud-based Contac Center platform, it was necessary for Intrum Justitia with a high level of security while there should be no delays or discomfort using the solution. “Advania helped us establish a stable and safe hosting at Amazon. If we were to host the operations ourselves or choose a smaller local service provider, it would never give us the same uptime as we get when operating at one of the major technology giants,” Carl-Petter Udvang says.  

Intrum Justitia upgraded telephony - and conference equipment as part of the project. “Advania was a good advisor; everything came as promised and was easy to plug in and start using.” Intrum Justitia now have full-featured video conferencing for Skype or other UC communications. Conference equipment are also compatible with the PureCloud platform, and users can easily connect from any device.  

Photo: Carl-Petter Udvang, Product Manager, Intrum Justitia