Partnership between Advania and Iceland’s oldest beverage producer

Advania in Iceland has taken over the operation and hosting of the information systems for Ölgerðin, one of the largest beverage companies in Iceland. The company is one of Iceland’s largest wholesalers, producing products for Pepsi-Cola and Carlsberg. 

Ölgerðin aims to strengthen its services to customers through better use of information technology and has come to an agreement with Advania to host and operate all Ölgerðin’s information systems. The aim is to better meet the needs of Ölgerðin’s customers and respond quickly to their requests.

Advania is responsible for keeping Ölgerðin’s information systems running, ensuring stability in its operations and service to users. Advania’s experts will be advising on the development of information technology, thus giving Ölgerðin more scope to focus on its core business.  

"Special emphasis is placed on security issues with this co-operation between Advania and Ölgerðin, as it is a challenge to protect information systems from external malware and cyber attacks. Security issues are even more important in the light of new laws on personal data protection. We did a lot of research into the information technology services available on the market, and we were impressed with Advania’s methodology and solutions," says Friðrik Heiðar Blöndal from Ölgerðin.

"Ölgerðin operates in a dynamic and ever-changing market, where information technology plays an important role. For Advania, the partnership is exciting because Ölgerðin is in constant communication with numerous customers. The key to communication is smart information technology, and with it, a great deal can be done to improve services to the customer," says Sigurður Sæberg Þorsteinsson, Managing Director of Advania.

Photo: Advania’s Ómar Freyr Ómarsson, Hafsteinn Guðmundsson and Sigurður Sæberg Þorsteinsson; Ölgerðin’s CIO Friðrik Heiðar Blöndal and CFO Jóhann Gunnar Jóhannsson.