Reduced climate impact by 29 percent – in two years

In two years, Advania Sweden has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 29 percent per employee. Behind the change is super-green cars, reduced travel, and energy-efficient offices.

In 2015, Advania Sweden established a sustainability objective, to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent in five years. After two years, the objective has already been achieved, and then some - from 3.7 tons of carbon dioxide, to 2.6 tons per employee. In 2015, Advania Sweden also decided on a new environmental policy for company cars as well; and in two years the amount of super-green cars, i.e. plug-in hybrids and electric cars, increased from 6 to 38 percent. Emissions from the company cars were almost cut in half during the period.

Despite an increasing number of employees at Advania Sweden at the time, the company has managed to maintain the same office area. The number of clients has increased, thus the energy consumption in the data centers increased as well, but thanks to energy saving measures in several of the offices and energy efficient servers, the emissions from buildings and data centers are around the same level as before, despite the expansion in operations.

In addition, Advania Sweden has reduced the number of business trips for its 480 employees. Among other things, through a clearly stated travel and car policy, focused on choosing the most climate friendly mode of transport. A plethora of travel modes is available for the employees, with everything from carpools to advantageous leases of bikes and e-bikes. A growing number of digital meetings have replaced business travel as well. In this manner, the emissions from business travel by plane, taxi and train were reduced by 15 percent between 2015 and 2017.

 Photo: Helena Nordin, Sustainability Manager at Advania Sweden

“Smart technology made it possible for us to reduce our climate impact a lot in just two years. It goes to show how important it is to create simple and sustainable choices for the employees by using the right technology,” says Helena Nordin, Sustainability Manager at Advania Sweden.

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