Making IT more human


We are in the business of making life easier for our clients and aid them in creating value. We believe that IT is a people business, where value is created by people for people, and long-term customer-provider relationships, mutual trust, and common goals are a critical success factor.


We focus on four main business areas

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Managed Services

Advania offers a variety of managed services where clients can offload specific IT operations. That means Advania assumes ongoing responsibility for operating, administrating, monitoring and managing of selected IT systems, services, and functions. In each case, Advania adjusts the service level agreements to the customer's needs.

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IT Infrastructure & Integration

Advania offers solutions for IT infrastructure, integration projects, consultancy and product support. Advania has data center solutions, IT platform projects, virtualization solutions, solutions focused on identity and access, as well as development, integration, and support of both software and hardware. Highly experienced IT architects and consultants make Advania the Nordic region’s most experienced provider of IT infrastructure and Integration services.

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Business Solutions

Advania provides IT solutions to automate, streamline, measure, document and stimulate business and IT processes. The key to success within process management is making three key components work together; the processes, the organization and the software tools used. Advania has years of experience in supporting customers in improving productivity and creating value with clever use of IT.

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Professional Services

Advania provides a broad array of consulting services, software development, eBusiness services and infrastructure solutions for private and public bodies, local and international customer. In the most demanding cases, Advania Professional Services delivers the results needed for successful IT operation. 


Along with four global offerings

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Communication Centers

Advania helps clients to interact with their customers in a modern, efficient and unified way to create a consistent customer experience, no matter the communication channel. With our solutions, users can manage all types of customer interaction through a single platform, as a multi cloud-based solution with unlimited scalability, or on premises.

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Advania Marketplace is a cloud portal that combines more than 1,000 cloud products and services from leading providers in one user interface. The portal gives Advania clients unprecedented flexibility and scalability in managing their IT products, solutions and services to fulfill their needs and business development.

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Data Centers

Advania enables clients to operate multiple HPC environments and different computer resources more effectively. Clients can scale their operation easily while managing cost efficiently through HPC on demand. Advania offers secure Tier III colocation along with tailor made hosting solutions. 

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PMAX Property Management

PMAx enables you to simplify and automate daily property management processes, saving you time and allowing for more effective resource allocation. PMAx is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics and Dynamics 365 and integrates seamlessly with other Dynamics solutions.


Regional and Cross-Nordic Focus

Strategic offerings in local and cross-Nordic markets include managed services and infrastructure consulting, and cross-border offerings focus on data center services, communication centers, and a unique, all-encompassing cloud portal.

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According to Swedish IT clients, Advania Sweden is a leader in creating customer value. Advania offers complete IT solutions to companies, both in the private and public sector, as well as government agencies. Our offerings are within Managed Services, IT Infrastructure and Workplace Solutions.

Our primary focus is fostering long-term relationships with our customers as we strive to deliver the best service in the market. Advania Sweden consists of a diverse team of around 500 employees, stationed in 12 local offices.

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Advania is the leading IT company in Iceland, serving Iceland’s largest to smallest businesses, in both the private and public sector. We operate mission-critical systems for businesses and the public sector, and our portfolio of customers is strong. Advania’s position in the consumer market is strong as well.

Our 650 employees in Iceland are focused on nourishing long-term relationships with customers and help them create value. Advania Iceland has good relations with all the major IT vendors and is awarded Microsoft Partner of the Year in Iceland.

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Advania Norway has a long standing reputation as a recognized provider of business solutions (ERP) and projects based on Microsoft Dynamics. Our focus on the Microsoft platform and Contact Center solutions are now being complemented with extended services, software and hardware.

We work closely with several suppliers to offer our customers technological capabilities, process insight and increased operational value. We are a diverse team of people with considerable knowledge, experience and insight in the IT industry.

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Advania Finland has strong roots in providing ICT services to public and private sector customers. Currently, we are focused on providing a wide range of services related to digitalization and ICT infrastructure. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service to our customers.

Our services are used in over 30 countries globally where we help customers make the most of their IT infrastructure. Our team consist of 20 highly skilled professionals who provide world class services to world class customers.